You’ve saved all of the instagram experts advice. You’ve googled ‘how to create a reel’. You’ve promised yourself THIS year you were REALLY going to focus on social media marketing.

But once again, you are busy, and social media takes the hit.

That’s why I’ve created this course - SPECIFICALLY for the busy realtor who doesn’t have a ton of time to focus on Instagram but KNOWS the power that it has to bring in referrals, leads, and gain brand recognition. In six short videos and LOTS OF goodies and takeaways, you’ll get EVERYTHING you need to know about Instagram and how to use it for your business.

No fluff here!

(I don’t do fluff well) we are talking straight to the point short videos that give you just what you need and nothing else.

  • 6 videos that dive deep into Instagram marketing, specifically for those in real estate.

  • All videos are available immediately so you can take the course at your own pace and bring it with you anywhere you go!

  • A no-fluff, straight to the point, style lessons that will explain how to set up your profile to attract followers, how to create content that gets attention and appeals to your ideal client, and understand how to engage and build relationships to attract and convert leads.

  • BONUS Videos included for scheduling on Meta, reels, and an instagram walk-through.

  • Worksheets to help you develop your brand, content pillars, strategy, and hashtags.

  • Realtor hashtag vault with hashtags researched for you!

  • Caption starters and caption ideas.

  • A calendar spreadsheet you can use to plan out your posts

  • A resource to go back to and review anytime you get confused!


  • How long is this course?

    This course is broken down into 6 short, easy-to-digest videos that are each anywhere from 5 - 15 minutes long. Some videos have corresponding worksheets to help guide you. There are also 3 bonus videos included.

  • I am already active on Instagram; will this course be good for me?

    Yep! I often find that while realtors know how to operate Instagram for their personal use, they don’t quite understand how to make it work for them professionally. This course provides a strategy that will not only help you gain the right followers, but also develop the relationships that bring in leads.

  • I am really inexperienced at social media, will this course be too advanced for me?

    Nope! We are starting with the basics to SIMPLIFY Instagram so anyone can do it. One of our bonus modules includes a complete walk-through of the Instagram app.

Are you ready to change the way you think of Instagram and feel confident marketing your real estate business?